Moonshot is the career incubation program for final and pre-final year degree students by Whooping Crane Ventures Private Limited. By investing in high potential untapped young aspirants across the nation, we’re helping to build a secure financial future for graduates, while helping organizations tap into a larger pool of skilled students.

Our strategy is very simple, Spot - Fix - Deploy


Using our AI-enabled adaptive screening, we SPOT untapped potential from less penetrated layers of higher education institutions.


Once we have spotted and on-boarded a talent, we move on to the FIXing part. This is the part we focus on the most to convert the potential to value for the talent and industry alike. Through our proprietary customized training modules and monitoring mechanisms, we enhance the skill sets of our students, aligning their interest to industry demands.


Unlike any other professional institutes, we are investing in the candidate for their benefit and not the other way round. This mechanism of inter-dependent success ensures the focus on each and every Moonshot student right from Day 1 of the program. 


Once our talents are trained and groomed, we are ready to DEPLOY them for market absorption. 

Moonshot maps its student's profile against both technical and behavioral competencies valued by organizations, thereby ensuring the role fitment in true sense.  Just like CIBIL has eased the process of lending, Moonshot's PCBA scores enable companies to make data-backed hiring decisions. To know more about Moonshot, request a demo and our team would love to showcase how Moonshot works and how we can be your strategic partner in hiring freshers for your organization.

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