What makes Moonshot best hiring solution

for entry-level jobs


Moonshot program is dynamic in its nature to adapt quickly to supply the best-fit talent up-to-date with the industry’s present and future requirements. What separates Moonshot is our ‘active training’ program where we act as the bridge between our talent's ability and the requirements of the roles in the industry. Our training program is proactive and can be designed to incorporate particular skills that are most needed for your organization.


We screen thousands of applicants and accept less than 1% into our program. Accepted candidates are not only verified for their aptitude skills but also for their aptitude. Moonshot values diversification. Current batches of Moonshot has students from over 20 states of India


Moonshot is not a recruitment agency. Our incubation program will equip students with the technologies used in your industry, enabling productivity from day one. Unlike any database of jobseekers, at Moonshot, we frequently engage our talent one-on-one. This offers us insights on the students that cannot be captured otherwise!


Moonshot maps its student's profile against both technical and behavioral competencies values by organizations, thereby ensuring the role fitment in true sense.  Just like CIBIL has eased the process of lending, Moonshot's PCBA scores enable companies to make data-backed hiring decisions.

  • We know our talent! Background checks are therefore complementary

  • Moonshot can tailor-make a program in-line with your organization’s requirement to give you the talent that is on the job from the word GO! 

  • Dedicated account manager to understand your requirement and ensure you are hiring the most appropriate talent for your organization

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